Seamonster,the Story


A journey through denial, grief and acceptance but ultimately a message of hope through the power of witness.

Seamonster, the Story is a solo, theatre piece with music by Italian/Scottish singer-songwriter Chiara Berardelli relating her experience of being childless-not-by-choice and her quest for being ok with that. Woven around the ten songs that make up  her 2018 album, Seamonster, she tells the story of the twists and turns that led to her unfulfilled dream of  motherhood and building a meaningful life beyond the 'Happy Ever After'. 

Chiara says, “Not having the family I dreamed of affected me in more ways than I could have imagined. Shame was a factor that I didn’t expect. I want to use my experience to reach out to others and start conversations about what it still largely a taboo subject.”

The show debuted at The Glad Cafe, Glasgow in March 2019 as part of International Women's Day celebrations and a 20 minute version was performed at The Barbican, London in April as part of Fertility Fest.
Since then it has appeared at the Edinburgh Free Fringe and the show will be live-streamed as part of the third World Childless Week followed by a Q&A. 

'It was a great night. Masterful songwriter, beautiful music.'

'Chiara Berardelli put on a show that was truly magical, emotional and inspirational!!'

(Audience reviews, The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, 8th March 2019)


Target audience:                   Suitable for ages 16 and above
Running time:                        55 minutes (no interval)
                                                        20 minute version also available
                                                        Q and A on request

No in touring company:    1
Space requirements:          Best suited to intimate spaces (50-200 capacity)
Touring availability:            Oct 2019 -Dec 2020


Performance area:               Space for keyboard, vocal mic and stand
Sound:                                         Small PA with 2 inputs required, Chiara can supply
Lighting:                                    No special lighting required but ability to dim lights helpful